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FASTCUT Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, and at its early stage, it built Polygon Machine. After year 2000, it developed Special CNC Lathe. It’s our deep honor to provide our customers high quality and efficacy.


S Series:
Both ends cutting CNC Lathe of Turret type, Both ends cutting CNC Lathe of Gang type, Both ends cutting CNC Lathe of twin spindle, Special CNC Lathe.
T Series:
Twin Center and Chuck CNC Lathe, Twin Spindle CNC Lathe, 2 in 1 CNC Lathe, Roller special CNC Lathe.
CP Series:
Polygon Turning CNC Lathe, Polygon CNC machine, CNC Polygon Lathe.
AP Series:
Auto Polygon machine, Polygon machine, Special Purpose machine.
Auto Loading and Unloading System