• Center Spindle CNC Lathe - FC-GF42/GP42
  • Center Spindle CNC Lathe - FC-GF42/GP42

Center Spindle CNC Lathe


Single spindle, Gang type tool two turrets, Twin CNC System
Two turrets can operate simultaneously and carry out different cutting process on both ends.

Shaft, rod or tubes both ends cutting (O.D.&I.D.) are carried out simultaneously to obtain very high concentricity and benefit.

Special auto loading & Unloading system can be fitted to handle workpiece with unsymmetrical or special-shaped on ends.

Special spindle can be ordered for special job requirements.

The slant bed design is 90 degree, chip is easy away from.

Model FC-GF42/GP42
SPINDLE No. of spindle unit 1
Max.speed rpm 4000
Feedrate X/Z axis rapid traverse M/min 12
Stroke X1 axis stroke mm 420
X2 axis stroke mm 420
Z1 axis stroke mm 220
Z2 axis stroke mm 220
Y1 axis stroke mm -
Y2 axis stroke mm -
Turret No. of turret unit 2
Turret type servo Gang type
O.D. tool shank mm 20 x 20
I.D. tool shank(Max.) Ø mm 25
Motors Spindle motor KW 7.5
Servo motor, X axis KW 1 X 2
Servo motor, Z axis KW 1 X 2
Hydraulic pump HP 2
Lubrication pump W 12
Coolant pump KW 0.75
Machine size Length mm 1880
Width mm 1616
Height mm 1975
Net weight kgs 4500
Gross weight kgs 5000
Specifications are subject to change without further notice.


  • Full guard
  • Coolant system
  • Air conditioner
  • Operator panel
  • Tools for set up
  • Pneumatic/Hyd. System
  • Tower light
  • Work light
  • Chip conveyor


  • Auto load/unload system
  • Chuck
  • Extension chuck sleeve
  • Power turret
  • Collet
  • Oil mist collector
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Servo tailstock