• Load/Unload System
  • Load/Unload System
  • Load/Unload System

Load/Unload System

Load/Unload System

Automation System is Always Our First Option Item We Recommend to Our Customer.
As men cost had been gone up considerably in each country, this system will be your wise investment.

Over 20 Years Experience of Design and Building Automation System
Fastcut are fully aware the crucial critical to build automation system. Therefore, automation system is perfectly intergrate with main machine, and completely remove all the bugs between machining process and loading/ Unloading process.

  • Both of loading and unloading arms will stay outside machine body to prevent damaging from coolant and swarf. Therefore, this design will prolong automation system life and reduce wear out cost.
  • DAT (Double Arms Type) is transmitted by two servo motors and screw balls, hence DAT can complete loading with high accuracy positioning.
  • Operating easier program could reduce much of wear out cost.
  • DAT control system is integrated with machine control panel, and it will insert as sub-program in front of process program. Addition, Macro programming is applied to DAT, so it only requests setting two new coordinate for change-over.


  • Full guard
  • Coolant system
  • Air conditioner
  • Operator panel
  • Tools for set up
  • Pneumatic / Hyd. Systerr
  • Tower light
  • Work light
  • Chip conveyor(FC-65NCL)
  • Chip buket
  • Cutter head
  • Hydraulic power chunk


  • Chuck
  • Collet
  • Tailstock
  • Auto load & unload system